La flor de invierno

This story is inspired by a small town in Canada, where I spent a winter that lasted many months and everything remained covered in ice and snow for a long time.
With Iris and Aster (two male siblings) I intend to show the delicacy and vulnerability that a child can have beyond gender. At the same time, this book invites you to develop the imagination of the little ones through a magical and secret world full of fantasy.

«Two little brothers, who love flowers, live in a village in the mountains where the winters are very long. During winther they get really bored… what are they going to do for so many months at home and without flowers?
In their parents’ library they find a book about rare flowers and they discover a flower that only grows in winter. Inmediatly, the little brothers prepare themselfs to take a trip to the mountains in search of the flower… Will they find it? What adventures await them in the snowy mountains?
Accompanie Iris and Aster on their experience and discover the wonders hidden in the forest».